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just helping my sister. this is an online work (ad viewing) madali lang sna kaso need pa ng referral bago daw magpay out. nagregister lang ako but actually not working on it. If you want to earn to, you may register at this site, then refer your friends using your own referral link. Thank you https://cbumoney?xyz/730324664618820 yan ung link, 1. ipaste mo lang s incognito tab (or kahit regular tab) mo sa google chrome. paltan mo ng tuldok ung emoji sa link 2. click mo ung join us today tapos register (kahit ibang name tapos made-up account and password lang) 3. kpg logged in ka na, click mo ung start watching payed ads (nd to videos, numbers ung lalabas) 4. type k lang ng numbers and earn 10 cents in dollars kada 3-digit numbers n itatype

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