Help! We are currently in Chiangmai .. brought my 13 months old baby with us. Brought one tin of karihome goat milk powder and thought that it will be enough for 6 days . But as of today , I'm v sure I'm running out of it .. panic !!!! I did try to use electric lunch box to cook for baby but as we are mostly out for sight seeing from morning till evening, i only managed to cook 1 meal using electric lunch box and the rest I feed milk on the go. Anybody know if I can get karihome goat milk in chiang Mai? If no, any suitable alternative? Help! Feeling stressed up!

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Fresh milk!!!! In any case just get fresh milk. Alternatively powdered milk like nestle. Where are you accommodating?

6y ago

I'm trying not to give cow's milk Cos he seems sensitive to cow's milk he will produce a lot of phlegm when I give cow's milk .. when I switched to goat's milk, he has no more phlegm issue. Staying near meridian hotel in chiang Mai.