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have u guys come across a diaper brand in Malaysia - the packaging says Mamypoko but the inside diapers are all Moony diapers.

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I don't find it weird at all. Since it's a subsidiary, why can't they name it as Mamy Poko? It's afterall just a name, the packaging and everything else is similar.. My baby has been using it since 3 months old and has never had anything peculiar happen..

I have bought it before. Packaging outside is mmpk, inside is moony. The normal mmpk are made in Indonesia/ Thailand but this "premium" mmpk is made in Japan. In fact I prefer it better than Merries.

moony is a subsidiary brand under Mamypoko in Japan. we have been using Mamypoko since birth till coming 24 mths old and no issues faced.

In Japan they are called moony. I am guessing that in Singapore they are branded as Mamy Poko air fit which was what I bought

but isn't it weird to have moony diapers inside a mamypoko packaging? even if they're subsidiaries...?

I have! In fact, moony is slightly pricier in SG i feel. But so far so good for my boy :)

I have not but oh my goodness it sounds so dodgy. Best to avoid it!

6 weeks preggy and my progesterone level is low...is this normal

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Yup. Encountered this with Mamypoko Air Fit variant.

Have , they are sister brand so should be okie 😉