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Have any one of you find it so irritated when you wish and want to spend time with you LO by bringing them out tgt to meet friends and have a meal but always feel like you have to seek your in laws permission and they will keep asking you where u go and what time come back? How would you all deal like this? I have enough of them and currently I am staying with them too!!!!! #needtorant

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Hi , I don’t understand why they need to question you unless you are going out without your child . Maybe they are trying to ‘manage’ you while your husband is not at home ? LOl I believe it’s the old mindset and mentality . Tell them you are not from their generation and it’s your child not theirs . Draw the line clear and be firm no matter what . You might wana talk to your husband and if he’s not supportive I think there might be some mis communication or something that happened just that you didn’t know . Just remember communication is they key and staying with in laws is always challenging . Hang in there !

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3y ago

Exactly, I find it funny too as my own parents dun control me that much. They think I will listen to them but apparently not... more over this is the best time they can rest while i am out with my LO .... but when I didn’t bring my lo along they will think like why I am not responsible for my child. I really don’t know what are they thinking.....