Results shows GDM after having GTT test at 25weeks.

Has any of you mummie resulted in any GDM after having GTT test? Its not permanent right,and only temporary in pregnancy?any advices?

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It depend. Some goes away after delivery, but it would also mean you will be on a higher risk of developing diabetes in the future. However, even tho gdm MAY go away after delivery, it doesn’t mean u don’t need to watch out for ur Diet. If u don’t, ur baby will grow v big & May end up not able to deliver vaginally & there may be health complication for the baby too. Some gdm did not go away after delivery and are considered pre-diabetic (depending how serious & normally is those whose family have diabetes history l). It’s not as scary as you may think it is. But the key is to have balanced diet. Good luck

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Supposed to go away after delivery. Like mine, it could be before that already diabetic coz mine was detected at wk 20. Anyway life goes on, just change to eat brown rice, wholemeal, multigrain n etc. I totally do not take rice for my case.

For most women with gestational diabetes, the diabetes goes away soon after delivery.

yup temporary only, just cut down sweet drinks should be ok.

it will go away if you start control diet now