Has anyone heard of Aptamil milk powder? Use it before? what's your review?

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Aptamil brand originate from Germany and widely used in the Europe and manufactured in either Europe, UK, New Zealand or Australia depending where you are buying it from. NTUC imported it from New Zealand & Red Mart imported it from Europe. I have been feeding both my boy & girl Aptamil powder and liquid from the UK & Europe since they are born. Not much residue comparing to the local brands. https://www.aptaclub.ie/about-us/ https://www.aptaclub.co.uk/article/aptamil-follow-on-milk http://www.aptaadvantage.com.sg

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This is a New Zealand brand which is very famous overseas but very new to Singapore. You can read the reviews about it online . I knew about it because I was searching for milk powder for my gal who had reflux and this brand keep coming up in the forums. Maybe you can get sample satchets or sample Tins from them and try out first?

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You can get a free tin from Aptamil to try if your baby take it. They have very friendly consultants who teaches how to transit from current formula. Subsequent buys will have a discount when you use they member card (FOC).

I tried Aptamil, my kiddo loves it. Affordable price, easily purchasable. I would definetly stick with it. You may want to try. Definetly worth a shot!

It's good - has the highest DHA amongst all the milk. I recommend it