PEM Confinement VS Confinement ANGELS

Has anyone engage CL from PEM confinement or confinement angels agency? Are they good? If yes, can recommend yr CL? TIA.

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All these agency mostly their CL is either part time or freelance, half of them I can say give half pass ten job. They re not really experience and professional in thier job.. Not even passionate about caring for mother and baby.. Most do it for the sake of money. Imagine it was cinverted to ringgit... although they say they have xx years of experience. Depends on luck. Just like hiring a maid.

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Just in case u end up exploring star confinement nanny pte Ltd. I had bad experience with their nanny. Totally imposing, poor hygiene, loud, don’t make breakfast, don’t make proper confinement meals, insist we take care of baby in the day, keep saying we don’t know how to take care of baby, ignorant kampung practices like no tummy time, and did not change baby head sides when sleeping.

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Personally don't recommend PEM Both agents and CL are too eager in pushing customer to write review on their FB page 1st meal already ask me to take photo for FB posting, CL not well train, lazy, dirty, busy with mobile WeChat etc Anyway it really depends on individual expectations and luck

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Mine from PEM. Consider good. Depends on your expectations level. You have to inform the agent. There are a few who really good at cooking , some are soso. Some mommies met a first time nanny. Not so great.

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11mo ago

Hello Rae, can share your PEM nanny name please? Thank you!

I used Confinement Angels last year and liked the nanny a lot. Very professional, hardworking and cooks well. Was a great help to me and my family.

3w ago

hi yy, was it certified only or 3star or 6star nanny?

I've got only good things to say in my Confinement Angels review. She cooked some delicious confinement food and helped me with all my household chores.

3w ago

hi chloe, was it cert only or 3star or 6star nanny?

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My both are from pem. 1st one so so, but not horrible. 2nd one, we love her and we are still in touch. Many asked me abt her

4w ago

do you have her contact?

Use Confinement Angels earlier this year. All smooth and very pleased with both nanny and service staff.

3w ago

hi Sarah, was it certified nanny or 3 star or 6star? thanks!

i will not recommend both, best find fr word of recommendation from friends who have CL themselves

Can consider Baby's Whisperer - their confinement nannies are trained by Thomson Medical Centre