Confinement angels vs PEM agency

Hello, I'm deciding between these 2 agencies for confinement nanny. Anybody has reviews on this? Confinement angel recommend going for Senior level for first time mom, the rates provided abt the same for both agencies. Service of sales wise seems friendly for confinement angel as we have been whatsapping while PEM communicated via email so not sure. Welcome to hear any experience or reviews!#1stimemom #advicepls #confinementnanny

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I engaged PEM and the nanny was horrible. Placed my baby sleep beside her, feed him earlier than the feeding interval in evening so that she can sleep earlier. Did not mop or sweep floor for 1 week until i highlighted what was on contract. Worst, made my newborn sleep with tummy down so that bwby in deeper sleep.

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pem is very pushy. they will keep telling you to place deposit to secure booking through constant follow up call. nanny wise depends on your luck. the 1st nanny they assigned to us was nanny from hell. replacement nanny was slightly better but depends on your expectations too.