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I am considering to engage confinement nanny from either STAR confinement or confinement angels. Their price are similar and the google reviews seems equally good. Anyone try their nanny before? What's your opinion? #advicepls #confinement #confinementnanny #confinementagency

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I don't believe the review my experience told me most review is FORCE to write by CN i still remember 1st day of dinner CN ask me take photo of the foods she cooked and upload to FB 🤨 it depends on luck whether u get good or bad nanny agent won't really bother your feedback after payment is done until u insist for exchange

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12mo ago

Oic.. Thanks for your sharing!

StAr confinement nanny named biyun ( lok pet ling) is a nightmare. The agent also don’t give recommendation

12mo ago

Oic.. Okay thanks for your sharing