Has anyone else noticed any lurkers on this app? Yun accounts na walang asks, walang answers, walang photos, no anything pero may account at madalas mag like ng pictures ng kids? I'm not even sure if they are parents, trying to concieve, or anything related to this app. Natatakot tuloy ako mag share ng photos ng anak ko which is sad, kasi I want to see cute pictures of other kids and I want other parents to see cute pictures of my kid as well. ? KAYA SA MGA MOMMIES AND DADDIES PO NA NAG POPOST NG NUDE PHOTOS NG KIDS NILA JAN, we may not think anything of it but there are a lot of opportunistic monsters out there. Please be cautious na lang po. I hate to think that there could be predators lurking on this platform but the truth is they're everywhere. So please be careful in sharing pictures of your children. I'm going to delete our pictures here na.

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Ngayon ko lang yan nalaman sis, thanks for sharing πŸ™

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hala, sabagay tama naman...