Low progesterone levels

Has anyone been on progesterone jab 2 tablets, 3 times a day and progesterone jab 3 times a day but still feeling cramps and having on and off light brown spotting? I’m on week 8 day 3 of pregnancy. Feeling worried because the nurses told me this is the maximum dosage and I should be having cramps nor spotting.

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I had bleeding due to a tear previous and was also havinf quite a long period of brown blood despite being on duphaston 3times daily. But for me i wasnt having cramps, just bleeding n bleeding brown blood after. Was jabbed once because they do not know what is wrong n causing the bleeding. Have you checked with your gynae?

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1y ago

Hi, thanks for sharing this. I’m currently on duphastone too 3 times a day. Wondering how was your condition after taking it for some time. Did your spotting stopped?