Can preggy mom take convid 19 vaccine?

My gynae advise no as i am in first trimester and bb is growing well . Just that i need to keep indoor mostly and avoid outdoor to protect myself. People ard advise vaccine after birth is better. #advicepls

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Can take from 2nd trimester onwards. You must also consider that Singapore is opening up and moving towards treating Covid as endemic. This means more risk exposure for unvaccinated folks because even vaccinated people can infect you easily without any sign or symptoms. That is scariest part to me. And now, delta variant is proven more infectious and dangerous than the original type. So overall, my decision is to get vax by 2nd T. Initially I also wanted to wait until after delivery. Now, Covid cases are already rising a lot especially unlinked Covid cases. Given the situation I also find it beneficial that antibodies can be pass down to child via placenta while in your womb. As children may not be recommend for vaccination yet and are vulnerable. Staying home and limit outdoor exposure is no longer guaranteed safe because there will be more unlinked transmissions going on in future and government will step in less to clamp them down.

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Hi, I am equally concerned abt this as well. Am currently pregnant at 13weeks. I have the same thot as @EL W on the unlinked cases and such. I previously planned to take the vaccine after birth, but the recent spike made me hesitate if I shld get jab nw. Am contemplating if I wan to go for the vaccine during pregnancy. Waiting for my nxt gynae appt to check with my doc and see how agn. If doc gives green light to go ahead, I will take the vaccine during pregnancy. The risk nw with delta variant is you don't know who has the virus. And those vaccinated individuals carry it as a normal flu and pass this virus to us unvaccinated individual is very scary.

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How many weeks are you now? if you are concerned, wait out till 2nd tri. i took my jap at 30w4d, like you i was worried about the little known facts on our unborn baby. But reading more and seeing how it affects preg mom's if you catch covid is really terrible, i decided to do it. you may join this FB group for more info.

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Anyone heard of unfortunate miscarriage after vaccination? I’m also in dilemma whether to take the vaccine, afraid that it might have unknown side effects on the baby, given that the length of study by the docs is less than a year. On the other hand, the cases are rising and read a lot of scary impact to pregnant women if they get infected.

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5mo ago

Yes. My hub friend she took the vaccination and after 2 days she got a miscarriage.


i have taken my vaccination on my 8weeks for 1dose, and my 2nd dose at my 14weeks. No side effect after 1 and 2nd dose.. just a bit pain at my muscle for 2 3 days. Pls check with ur gynea before u go to take the vaccine. Must enough sleep, food, water n rest ya.

5mo ago

dayang hamidah . yeah 😅.

Im on my 2nd trimester and my gynae encouraged me to take it. He said that he sees no reason for concern so I trusted him and went ahead for the vaccine. I stay at home but my husband goes out for work, so cannot say that we are still safe all the time.

5mo ago

yes, i took pfizer

i was 7 weeks when i took my first dose and 11 weeks when i took my second dose. No issue at all except the usual muscle ache and fever. Was highly recommended by my gynae in Parkway East to get the vaccine done.

5mo ago

oh my gynae is at novena next to mount E. he say at the moment in in first trimester. not suitable

First time mummy here. I took my 1st dose when I'm in my 15 weeks+ 5days, 2nd dose in my 20weeks. Now currently waiting for the 2 weeks then considered fully vaccinated.

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Hi there! Perhaps you can consider the vaccine when you’re in your second trimester. Studies have shown that the vaccine is safe for pregnant women.

You can only take the vaccine after 20wks when your baby organs are more develop and when your pregnancy is consider more stable. I hope this helps!