Is Gripe water safe for baby?

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hey mom, unlike what many parents feel, it is not really safe to give gripe water to your baby. if you are asking because of colic, you can instead speak to your baby's doc about a solution called colic aid which you can administer to your baby as per doc's reference.

Hi, I guess you can gripe water to the baby but instead of that you can apply asafoetida on her belly button so that his digestive system remains fine and he doesn't get colic. It helps keep gas at bay in the babies.

i did not use gripe water for any of my baby. in fact, the doctors were very sure that it is not recommended at all. my second one had severe colic and i did try colic aid for her, which helped.

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Yes...babies can be given gripe water as it helps in keeping away from colic. You can give gripe water to the baby but I suggest you should ask your doctor about how much quantity to be given.

No I didn't give it to my daughter as it has high sugar content and bicarbonates instead u can make dill seed water to baby aft 6 month .

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it's not good for your baby,I think you should give Your baby to the doctor,they can help you.