Dear Singapore government,

The government has no idea what it means to help mothers ease into their pregnancy. There are so many initiatives that can be done to help expecting mothers. 1) For every train, reserve one cabin for expecting mothers. People just no longer look up to check their surroundings nor have the heart to give up their seats for you. 2) Provide subsidy for mothers to take grab/gojek especially for those in the first and last trimester when you're either so nauseous or so big. 3) Have pregnancy centres near the neighbourhood where mothers can go for prenatal massages or seek help/advice regarding their pregnancy/post-partum. 4) Maybe consider lengthening our maternity leave. We go through pregnancy for 40 weeks only to get 16 weeks of leave and this period is not even a break, it's for us to assimilate to our new roles as mothers. It's a job away from office if you think about it. 5) I wish there was a pool for us. The public pools are fine but it would be nice to have a dedicated pool where I don't feel watched by the public, with my belly. I feel bitter at times during this pregnancy thinking about this. I want to have more than one kid but Singapore really does not make it easy. Not to mention how people don't even give up their seats on the train. I am in my third trimester and I still have to fight for a seat. It does feel like every man for himself here.

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Hi mummy! I totally feel you especially with regards to the train issue. I’ve seen a post on Instagram saying that since we decided to get pregnant why should the public give up their seat! Ridiculous! And I totally feel like they should give more maternity leave and even $! But LHL be telling everyone to have more babies and all they can offer is a little bit more money (probably bc gst is on the rise) and also additional 2 weeks of paternity based on the company’s agreement (LOL what a joke)

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2mo ago

Yes I saw that post and felt triggered. It really is sad what the public has become. No compassion or common sense. I agree w you. The government can do much better if they are serious about improving our fertility rate!

I wish the government would allow us to use prenatal checkup payments deducted directly from Medisave. It's frustrating to pay upfront and then claim later, causing unnecessary hassle. Direct deductions would greatly help us financially. Additionally, it's disheartening that some Singaporeans don't offer their seats to pregnant women in public transport, showing a lack of empathy. So disgusted with their attitude especially youngsters nowadays.

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2mo ago

you mean you can claim prenatal check ups?!

I'm so sorry to hear that. Surprisingly since my 2nd trimester when my bump was more obvious, even elderly gave up their seats to me. maybe I didn't travel during rush hour so I'm not sure what is the rush hour culture like. but my experience is completely opposite be it bus or train. all willingly gave up seats to me and even talked to me

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Yeah super unfortunately I face the train issue too currently :( guess it’s rlly super common Haiz