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Hi goodday everyone, is it safe for preggy to drink milktea? and what tea is safe to drink?

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generally regular tea and coffee are not recommended po, because of caffeine content but you can have it one cup a day or if kaya iwasan, better. As for milktea, really a NO po, aside sa tea, too much sugar din sya plus the pearls na made of starch, another source of sugar plus NO vitamins or any nutrients ๐Ÿ˜Š

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as much as possible iwas sa matatamis na drinks po..milk tea mataas sa sugar po kahit ilang% pa ang sugar nyan kase sugar is a sugar hehe..pero pag di mo maiwasn in moderation na lng po tlga..water at buko juice lang iniinom ko when i was pregnant

Iwas sa black, red and oolong na milk tea sis mataas kasi caffeine content nung mga yun. Opt for fruit flavored na milk tea na lang sis. And kung maaari, i-limit ng once a week ang consumption.

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No tea or milktea is safe for preggy Momsh, yyn ay dahil mataas yun sa caffeine and sugar. If you don't want complications during pregnancy and giving birth, tiis tiis lang muna Momsh

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This is from the tab Food and Nutrition of this app. You can check that to see what's good to eat and not to eat during pregnancy, after birth, breastfeeding and for your baby.

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momshie i asked my OB about that because I've always been a milktea addict๐Ÿ˜, she said one cup a week is okay. pabawasan mo lang ng sugar๐Ÿ˜‰

marami po sugar yun at alam ko may caffeine din yung ibang milk tea. naalala ko nagmilktea ako nun di ako nakatulog at nagpalpitate ako

It's fine sis. Umiinom din ako ng milktea pero not always. Pag nag crave lang. Tapos dapat 50% lang ang sugar.


Kung cravings okay lanb pero wag lang sosobra. Okay na ung tikim tikim lang kase mataas dn sugar ng milktea.

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yes safe naman. wag lang siguro 100% ung sugar. ako kasi nun 50% lang. and wag everyday