Any good playgroup or courses for 2 years old toddler conducting only twice a week in the morning? Any recommendation please? I'm looking for now till end of the year for my 2 years old boy. Thank you

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My gal attended Julia Gabriel's playclub (1.5 to 3yo) which is bilingual and parent accompanied class. It can be during weekday or weekend. You can find more details here. My friend's child attended Growing Up Gifted and there are many different prog for diff age group.

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Julia Gabriel has playgroups and enrichment lessons for kids from 6 months to 4 years. I'm particularly attracted to the reading and writing courses. Never too early to start, in my opinion. Attached below us a link for the available problems at Julia Gabriel.

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Play Days in Clementi does this. You can choose between English or Chines playgroup. They have a branch in the East too. We really like them. The teachers are good and they have different activities each time.

Where do u live