Is it good to give biscuits to an eight month old baby?

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I know how mums feel once the baby is big enough to set his eyes on something and start responding. At this time, you feel to share things with the baby. And biscuit being a basic thing in the kitchen, you do feel like making your kid taste it and see how he likes it. I don't know good or bad but you can introduce, say once or twice to the baby. Pick a good brand milk biscuit and make sure that you dip it in milk and make it soft, else it can lead to choking hazard. I don't exactly remember when I gave my kid his first biscuit, must be around the same time, but I soaked it well in little milk till it turned totally soft. Lastly, I would say it is better to avoid giving it regularly till the time he gets his teeth.

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There are teething rusk (biscuit) for an eight month old. But I prefer to give an 8 month old Friso Gold rice-based milk cereals as they are rich in nutrients to ensure baby has a balanced diet. They are also made with milk powder so they taste more familiar to your baby. The smooth texture eases their first step into eating solids and is easier for little tummies to digest.

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biscuits are a very easy option for us to give the babies or kids, but honestly, please avoid as much as possible, unless absolutely necessary. these contain very unhealthy amounts of sugar and are processed foods, so it is definitely bad for heatlh. once in a while is fine, but make sure your baby does not get addicted to it.

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