Thumb Sucking

My girl is 3.5YO and has a habit of sucking her thumb to sleep. Its gotten to the point where there is a callus on the spot where she sucks her thumb and I will like to stop this habit. Can any mummy advise where i can get some form of bitter spray to discourage her or any other method to stop thumb sucking?

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Hi mummy, you may first want to try talking to her about why is thumb sucking bad. Since she is 3.5yo, she's at the age whereby she might understand to a large extend and would try to make a conscious effort to stop. For example, show her the videos/pictures of germs in their nails/finger. Tell her how she is no longer a baby, or explain how she might not be able to speak properly etc... Motivate and encourage her whenever she attempts to not suck her a reward system - stickers. Give her a soft toy to cuddle to sleep to keep her hands/fingers busy. Lastly, final attempt, you may try plastic finger guard (i.e leading brands like tguard).

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