Breastfeeding Guilt

Gave birth last week via e-csect, and I am one of the lucky ones blessed with a good supply, and have been exclusively latching baby since birth. I know I should be thankful (and I still am) that my milk supply is adequate for my baby, but I cant help but feel so so so tired and so so so angry everytime it’s time to feed. My incision wound also still hurts so I have to rely on someone else to help bring the baby snd swaddle/burp the baby after. This schedule causes great distress to me and whoever is doing “night shift” with me. Even though its been only a week Im considering just giving up breastfeeding and just giving formula. But with everyone saying how good breastmilk is, Im stuck in a dilemma- should i still breastfeed at the expense of my own mental/physical health or give baby formula for my convenience? Any advice? No hate please… I’m just really tired… Thanks.

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I pump to feed after 1 plus month cause I dun like latching which cause me n my gal to always sleep together and she is not drinking enough. tot after 4 month would need to go back work so decide to pump all the way instead. having type 2 diabetic causes my gal to have low sugar after birth, the nurse has fed her e fm already cause I dun have enough the first few after I'm bk I tried full bm but still doesn't make enough and feeling very sleepy at night which she keeps on waking for milk so decide to give her fm so we both can have enough sleep at night. which goes well cause after 2 plus 3 month she dun have night feedings so I can rest. pls dun get upset over it and take care of urself so u can take care of ur baby. after 6months she only like to have fm so I only feed her w bm in the morning which she is still very healthy and I just pump less freq.

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