First trimester vitamins

FTM here. Any vitamins or supplement to consume during first trimester?

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Vitamins that we took day to day before pregnancy might not be suitable to be taken when we are preg, it is better and safer for u to get your gynae to prescribe to u rather than u get from outside. Example fish oil; I am asked to stop taking once I’m preg and have to take e one by gynae which is clinical suitable for pregnancy

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First 2 pregnancy I took duphaston, iron, folic acid, fish oil, fm... n antibiotics for gbs. 3rd pregnancy I took none. I took freeze dried healthy breakfast beverage and some freeze dried wholesome food from Wholesome Super Food. n also I was tested negative for GBS.

I didn’t take ANY supplements throughout my pregnancy! You can easily use food to replace all these supplements!

My doc only instructed to take folic acid. Then switch to multi vit and calcium from 2nd tri.

I was advised to take Folic acid for First Trimeste and will change it after that.

Doctor only advice for me to take folic acid for first tri!

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My doctor asked me to take folic acid and fish oil..

seek gynae advice

folic acid