KKH gynae recommendation please

Hi! FTM here. Initially the plan was to be a subsidised patient in KKH till I deliver. However cos I have a 10cm ovarian cyst, we are considering to be a private patient in KKH instead. Any recommendations for gynae? Going for my 20 week scan end Mar. :)

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Hi @Mummy T, I have cyst too and I just found out I'm pregnant. May I know which gynae did you go for in the end, and whether he/she was a good gynae? Thanks in advance!

1y ago

Thanks for your reply! Glad it went well for you and your baby! 😊

Tan Heng Hao (always long wait but definitely worth the time n wait)

Not KKH but I highly recommend Dr. Mary Rauff at NUH for this.

TMC's Cheng Clinic is good

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Dr Edwin Thia :)

Dr.Mariamma George

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Dr Tan Kim Teng