Newborn pampers

Hi FTM here! I'm now at 22wks pregnant. I already putting some items at cart 🤣 & wanna know what brands is good for newborn pampers?

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Would suggest you request for samples and then try it out. Every baby has different skin so getting samples help a lot + it will save a month cost on diaper and then only buy what u like... Personally i tried all brands but i felt jolly tots from giant is best... Cheap, good quality and very very comfortable for baby has all the needed benefits... Vs other brand like huggies pampers etc with differnt varieties ( just hyped).

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Personally preferred Huggies natural made. My girl used Merries and will have leakage of urine for 12 hour sleep in the night. 😭 plus point about natural made. They have the size of justborn which I think is quite fitting for newborn baby that weight below 3.5kg at birth.

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I see. Because my baby sleep throughout the night from 8pm to 8am maybe 1 feed in between. That’s why diaper with good absorber is essential.

I used Huggies naturemade, Merries & BBKitty for nb. Personally prefer Huggies naturemade (soft) & BBKitty (perfect fit) for newborn. I use Merries when my LO got older.

Huggies naturemade and rascal&friends! R&F sometimes have offer on lazada too 😉

it really depends. i love merries. hosp will give huggies nature.

Merries is good . More elastic on the bands