Baby Blues

Hi FTM. I jus gave birth last week. But my emotions is not stable. Feeling so sad and I keep crying non stop. Seeing my hubby cant sleep at night taking care of the baby I feel so sad. How long will last?

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If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is normal. However, you both need to work hand in hand. Once you learn the pattern of your baby it will get better. Don't be sad that your husband care for the baby. It is normal to feel that way, but you have to know that you do need rest. If you require helping hand, please reach out to your closest ones. Alternatively to work out on who's gonna wake up at night/morning and who's gonna sleep at night/morning. Don't feel guilty too. You can also reach out to friends for advice or assistance. Remember not to keep everything to yourself. It takes time, trial and error.

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