Newborn routine

Hi all, FTM here. Baby arriving in about 2 months. Would like to know what a newborn routine should be like eg what happens when we come back home from the hospital? Kindly share your newborn feeding/pumping/napping/changing/bathing schedule or any tips are appreciated thank you!! :)

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come home, sponge the baby, first 2 wks only sponging, take note on keeping the cord dry. babies’ skin do not need to be washed everyday (they dont do hard labour and they dont go out lol). also note to dry out the neck as its easy to overlook, its a common place for rashes. after each feed, wipe with wet wipes gently to avoid milk rash. good to change diaper before/after each feed. newborns sleep alot, so after 30mins to an hour, babies will nap. newborn period is the best period where u have time coz they slp alot! if you’re breastfeeding then have a few flanges and bottles if not you’ll be washing and sterilising these things every 3 hours. To get a good yield, clean and massage ur boobs, hot compress then pump, after u finish, cold compress. newborns needs to be fed every 3-4 hours, so can wake them to feed, when they are bigger can dont feed if they dont wake up. ok these are what i do, might not be all right.. but u’ll get ur own schedule when the baby comes.. rest plenty and leave the washing to the hubby!

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3mo ago

Very helpful tips, thank you so much mama! :)