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Hi all, FTM here. Baby arriving in about 2 months. Would like to know what a newborn routine should be like eg what happens when we come back home from the hospital? Kindly share your newborn feeding/pumping/napping/changing/bathing schedule or any tips are appreciated thank you!! :)

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Not to scare u but postpartum was the most exhausting period I ever had in my life! Worse than my schedule as a teacher. Just like what other moms said in the initial weeks, feed baby every 2-3hrs. Breastfeeding is tiring! There were many times I was literally glued to the bed and baby because my baby would cry when I put him down. I had to leave him to cry when I needed the toilet. My mom and husband felt so bad tt baby wld not calm down even when they tried to carry him. Different babies have different sleeping schedules. Some babies cld easily sleep just by rocking or carrying but mine can only sleep when I latch him. Tried to give him pacifier but he refused. Sometimes I had to pump and breastfeed at the same time as I had to increase my supply (struggled with low supply at the start). So I hardly had a good night sleep in the first 2 months. 3 hours of sleep straight was rare! It got better aft 2 months when baby was able to self-soothe. He started to learn to fall aslp on his own at 3-4 mths. Tt's when I got my sanity back and cld sleep for 4-5 hours again! In summary, don't expect to have a schedule. Sometimes baby can sleep for long hours straight but sometimes they can demand milk every hour. Feed on demand, change diaper every time he pees or poops to avoid rashes. Bathe according to what u're comfortable with. Some moms don't bathe newborns for days but I bathe my boy once a day. Twice if he pooped a big one.

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Thank you so much for the tips! Kudos to you for getting through that tough period! :)