Newborn routine

Hi all, FTM here. Baby arriving in about 2 months. Would like to know what a newborn routine should be like eg what happens when we come back home from the hospital? Kindly share your newborn feeding/pumping/napping/changing/bathing schedule or any tips are appreciated thank you!! :)

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Frankly speaking, we didnt have a schedule. The moment we come home, my hubby immediately bathed the newborn (coz come back frm outside so must bathe). For feeding, we feed on demand (unless she wakes up). Her jaundice level was lower so we were not concerned. Some pple wake their babies up every 3h for feeding. Pumping wise if you have the equipments ready, i think u can start every 3h. I didnt have my flange ready (coz i wanted to ask the lactation one on size) so i didnt start pumping, only direct latch. Tbh they slp most of the time for a newborn 😅 after that my ger’s times very haywire n goes cranky!

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