For first time moms, do you prefer normal delivery or CS?

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For me a CS is recommended because had a bladder sling procedure done last year August so natural birth will just mess up the whole thing and I'd have to redo it

Normal delivery kasi super mahal ng CS kahit saang hospital. At mas matagal magheal ang tahi ng CS. Yung mama ko hanggang ngayon sumasakit pa din yung tahi kapag malamig.

I prefer normal delivery. Less recovery time and also no future pain sa incision site when it gets cold. Plus, let's face it, cheaper hospital bill. LOL

My baby isn't here yet will be in 6 weeks hopefully but I would really like a normal birth unless something happens and another way is safer for him to come

I prefer normal delivery.. but if you have some problem in prengnancy mybe the doctor will cs..but if you dont have any problem normal delivery is better..

For me it's something that I can't choose. My first born come to this world on Sept 2020 with normal delivery. The second one I hope would be normal too.

CS takes longer to recover so if it's not needed you shouldn't do it. You want to be back on your feet an feeling like your self as soon as possible

Had a csection 12 yrs ago with my daughter and will be habing another csection in aug. Its planned, fast and helped me feel less anxiety.

i wanted normal but then the doctor discovered some complications that might occur due to placenta CS wl be the option

2y ago

I read an article that mothers with placenta previa mostly need CS.

Normal, para makaiwas sa malaking gastos. At mas fun ang normal. Kasi panay iyak at sabing "Hindi na ako magbubuntis, last nato". Hahaha