First time mommy here.. Baby is 7 months old .. Started weaning to solid food 1 month ago .. Wanna ask , if I wanna give sweet peas, do I give those canned type or frozen type ? If I want fresh sweet peas, which type should I buy ? Any pic will be good .. I'm not a good cook to begin with.. So feeling very stressful with food preparation for the LO.

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I'm a novice cook myself too! Here's where I got my information from: Quick summary: - for fresh peas, choose those that are in the pods. The pods should be firm, crisp, with a bright green color, and a fresh appearance. - To prepare, steaming or boiling peas (removed from pods) in a scant amount of water is the best way (can use chicken, beef or vegetable stock) - Use a blender when making puree Hope this helps!!

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frozen peas are a better option. But make sure you boil them before u blend into a puree. don't add salt, sugar or honey - not good for babies below 1 yr. If you want to make it much tastier, blend it with mashed potato or boiled sweet potato. Nutri-delicious!

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Why frozen peas are better? I always thought fresh ones are better?:)

My friend makes sugar snap peas purée for her baby and she usually uses canned peas. She would rinse them off well and boil them before blending them. But if you want to use fresh peas it's okay too. Here's an example of how fresh sugar peas look like:

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frozen peas are better than canned ones. they instant freeze them so all nutrients locked in. canned ones will have preservatives. even if washed many times, traces of preservatives will still be left in food.

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How about fresh peas directly from the pods?:)