Any reviews about dr Tracey lim?

Hi first time mom here and I just found out that I’m about 4 weeks pregnant. Any reviews about dr Tracey lim?

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Super Mum

Found this on the web mama: Also, depending on the birth you wish to have for yourself, do ask the right questions during your first consultation to see if her values are aligned with yours. E.g. 1) What are your c-sect rates? (If you’re looking to have a vaginal birth) 2) What are your views on episiotomies? (If you don’t wish to have one) 3) If my water bag bursts, what would be your protocol for me? (If you wish to labour longer at home) This list might be a good guide too: I’ve also written some posts regarding your choice of doctor: Hope these help!

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1y ago

Thanks so much for sharing! :)