Can share experience delivering with NUH subsidised?

Hi, it will be my first time delivering at NUH as subsidised patient. Will try to go for natural birth. Any recent experience on the staff/doc, what to expect or what to watch out for etc? Thank you.

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Give birth my first born at NUH 2018, so far so good for me. During induce, in labour and after birth. Staff are friendly, helpful. I was on subsidy, go through it with jab, gas and epidural because of the dilation and I was in labour pretty long too. I had "practice" before even using epidural, I told them my concern and they are good to make you calm and will try distract you away from if you are afraid of needle, etc. I will voice out if it is painful, is it gonna hurt, etc. After birth, they help you when you need to go toilet, bath. If there's vaginal stitches do ask for ice pack and request doctor to check your vaginal. Also do request epsom salt, this is if you have vaginal stitches. At night, baby sleep with you, any trouble you may let the nurses know and they will also teach you to BF if you don't know. They have class for BF and bathing newborns if I correctly remember. After discharge they will ask about CM before discharge, medication, follow up, baby jaundice check up, you intend to BM/FM, then lastly goodie bag given. Not too sure if there's any changes etc so you may check upon admission in labour. Also before discharge do enquire about bill settlement.

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12mo ago

Thank you so much, appreciate the reply!