NUH private or subsidised?

Hello! Can anyone share your experience with private or subsidised gynae at NUH. And also when should I go for my first appointment after a positive pregnancy kit result?

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This was my experience 5 years ago at NUH. I was under the subsidy, my first child. Took the test, went to poly to confirm, request referral to NUH. Got my slot only at 12 weeks because I was late to test and therefore had to push my slot to the earliest but that's the only one left at NUH. I missed all the necessary appt for the first tri, NIPT, etc. For subsidy patients you will go to G Clinic. Not that sure if there are changes here/there in NUH due to recent renovation within the compound. All my appointments were smooth despite the heavy waiting time, limited slots/seats within the clinic. I had some free check ups due to the delay. But this free check up comes with student doctor on training with the senior doctor. So if you are comfortable or not you can let them know. For other checks like ultrasound, checking of water level, etc will be at FCC which is another building different from G Clinic. I had a very good experience from pre natal to birth. Despite being in subsidy, treatment for the patients was very good. They handle all situations in a well mannered protocol. Friendly staff, midwife and nurses even doctors. So far so good. Anything seems negative or off you can let them know.

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3mo ago

After urine test, they will give option of hospital, they give referral letter and you will received SMS. No ultrasound in polyclinic due to limited medical equipment