What are the No-no’s of 1st Trimester Pregnancy?

First pregnancy and a thousand questions to ask. What are the biggest not to do’s during the early stage of pregnancy?#firstbaby #1stpreganancy

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Tbh, i only avoid eating raw (which includes all forms of not fully cooked eggs) , alcohol and herbs. For me i wasnt too bothered if there is any wine used in cooking since im not eating the food like every meal. I drank a cup of ice tea everyday as i feel so uneasy if i dont drink any cold or sweet or sour drinks esp during the peak of my morning sickness in first trimester. Other than that i just live my life as per normal. I find it will be so tiring if we need to research every item that we touched is it safe for pregnancy anot. Just relax and live our life as per normal even thou there is a small human growing in us. I try to walk away from smokers when outside and be careful in walking and dont carry heavy stuffs. Wishing you a smooth journey in your pregnancy.

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