Is female circumcision still common? I don't know whether to circumcise my baby girl. I know that it is just a nick (much less invasive than male circumcision) instead of the drastic examples outside of SG.

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Hi, It is documented to be done in some communities in 29 countries. But why do you want to circumcise your girl? We are living in 2016 and not in dark middle ages, and such regressive things done in the name of religion and custom is one of the many reasons that woman of this world is a commodity. Circumcision will only lead in health problems in your baby as she grows. If you, yourself were circumcised then you should not think of making your girl go through such a process at all.

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Female circumcision is not common anymore and it is being banned in certain countries for causing uneccessary pain and trauma to the child. Later in life, it can cause genital disfigurement and anomalies, which does not only cause physical pain but also psychological and emotional trauma. Whatever reason you may have, I would advise against it. And please see your pd to clarify any issues.

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if u r muslim and doing it cos of the presumption that its necessary... it is not. u cant find anything about it in the Quran. it is purely cultural and one that should be banned. if its just a nick then why even bother putting the poor child through that especially when it is not required.

Found a similar question on the web. Kind of too long for me to summarise. It should help you get a better understanding.