Should I induce?

Hi fellow mummies, my last check up was at 36weeks and my gynae informed me my baby might be on the bigger side (he was 3kg). She suggested inducing, but it’s still my choice. I will be going through my birth plan at 38 weeks with her,which is in a few days time to figure out if I would like to induce or natural. To be honest, right now I’m leaning towards induce but I heard from other mummies it’s painful and will take super long. Need HELP/Advise! Thank you 😊

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Hi , everyone has different stories . I was induced and my whole labour was 30 hours . But my friend was induced and it only took her 4 hours . Both of us was induced on the same day of last check up , which was 39 weeks

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It really depends. I induce for both pregnancies because I had some bleeding. The first labour took me close to 18 hours. The second one was Super fast 😅

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No I only induce on the day I bleed.

Hi, I was induced and delivered 1 hour 40 mins later and yeah, the contractions that came after inducing were pretty intense!😅