Stitches On Lower Right Abdominal

Do u feel pulling pain on lower right side abdominal at wk 21 pregnancy? E feeling is like hving stitch pain.

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Yes it happened to me. I think I walked too much or carried heavy thing and pulled a muscle at my waist so it's like having stitch pain but worse. Went to see gynae she say its normal as we r more prone to injury. Can eat panadol bt nothing stronger than that coz it's not safe. I try not to take any medication although it's so painful but I took mc to rest. Felt better in like 4 days

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I do feel it quite frequently as well. My gynae said the body is making room for the baby. Usually my pain goes away a few minutes later. :)

I feel that since 16 weeks, on and off. but it should be normal as long as you do not over-stretched your abdomen and over-worked it =)

yes yes i feel it on my right like a cramp while walking gosh, I have to walk slowly. Nowdays I feel a pulling pain on my left 😪

its e most horrible feeling. took 2 days mc. n have to be on bedrest. try not to walk fast or get up quickly.

yes i am also 21weeks pregnant and i feel the same, kapag ina atching ako at na iihi nang subra

it's probably round ligament pain. our womb is expanding so it causes the ligament to stretch.

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Yes it happened to me when I sneezed and didn't position my body correctly.

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I didn’t felt any. Better see gynae if you keep feeling it. You feel ease at it.

Same , several nights when I wanna go to bed but after few massages it’s ok.