Do you feel like you have a fitness goal to acheieve?

Do you feel like you have a fitness goal to acheieve?

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Great question! Reaching your potential in bodybuilding requires a comprehensive approach. Firstly, set specific and realistic goals for yourself. Outline what you want to achieve and break it down into smaller, achievable milestones. Secondly, focus on your training regimen. Ensure you have a well-structured program that includes both resistance training and cardiovascular exercises. Progressive overload, proper form, and consistency are key to maximizing your results. Additionally, pay close attention to your nutrition. Fuel your body with a well-balanced diet that supports muscle growth and recovery. You may also explore reputable stores like , where you can find products and supplements designed to aid in muscle growth. However, it's crucial to approach such products responsibly and consult with professionals. Thirdly, prioritize rest and recovery. Give your body ample time to rest and repair through quality sleep, active recovery techniques, and rest days. Lastly, believe in yourself and stay motivated. Surround yourself with positive influences, seek out guidance from experienced bodybuilders or trainers, and stay dedicated to your journey. With determination, discipline, and the right resources, you can unlock your true potential in bodybuilding!

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Super Mum

Yes I do have goals but I’m giving myself more time to achieve them after birthing 3 children. I have to bear mind too that I can’t bounce back as easily due to age. I’m trying to do it on my own and with the help of a trainer. Slow and steady but I do have my arm strength back. My fitness goal is to be able chase after my grandkids when I’m 88. Would love to be ripped too coz I’ve never been able to achieve that and now that I’m done having children it’d be great to push my body to the limit

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3y ago

hi there. that's great you have a goal. I understand you have a trainer too. but maybe I can assist you too! PM me at 90620540

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Having three children and setting postpartum fitness goals after giving birth to them. Recognizing age-related changes, working with a trainer for a modest, steady growth. At the age of 88, I want to be strong and agile so that I can chase after my grandchildren.

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Setting postpartum fitness goals after birthing three children. Recognizing age-related changes, working with a trainer for a slow, steady progress. Aiming for strength and agility to chase grandkids at 88.

Various individuals discuss fitness goals, from building strength for their children to regaining arm strength post-pregnancy, seeking guidance and strategies for improvement.

Our mission has been to support you and your goals as you go through your fitness journey. We are dedicated to helping you rise up to the challenge of improving yourself.