Not having full month celebration (only 100 days), should I send out cakes to friends?

Or just family members? How did you do yours? Or do you send out to those who send gifts? Thanks in advance

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honestly, really depends on you and your partner.. (and in laws/parents) too la.. just told my mil that we don't intend to do any of the 2... nor will we be sending out cakes. maybe I am quite very paranoid... but I can't see myself inviting a whole village of people gathering around my newborn at the age of 1mth or 100days. like the amount of germs and what not just...... freaks me out.

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I didn’t have celebration for both full month/100 days. We just ordered small cakes to gift to family members and close friends (godparents).

e gift for those who sent hampers n angbao.

mail gift voucher

2mo ago

I didn't for my side of family, but my husband and mother in law wanted us to send gifts in person to those who gave angbao.