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Hello everyone, I'm 11weeks pregnant , of course I want good health for my baby and good brain develoment for him/her. Please help me, I bought a super known milk brand for pregnant moms, but it seems like I cant take it because everytime I will drink it, just a couple of minutes I vomit, can you please help me what are other alternative milk products for me to support my babys devt? Big thanks!

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Hindi lang nman sa milk nakukuha ang good babys development. Nsa vitamins din, sa kinakain mo ung milk suppliment lang un pero maganda din. Try mo ibang flavor. And to think nsa first trimester ka plang probe sa vomit talaga yan. Ako d muna ako nagmilk nung naglilihi pa ako bumalik ako sa milk nung d na ako naglilihi.

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Thank you sis 😍