Price range for Confinement Food

Hi. Everyone, can anyone share with me an estimate how much does you all spend on the Confinement Food when you hire a Confinement Lady? Thank you.

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1st week spend $50 alone on vege, $100-150 for meat n fish. $50 for vege is way too much CL tell my husband buy this buy that, buy her own favourite fruit jam for breakfadt etc 2nd weeks onwards I ask hubby do shopping himself, we buy what she eat/cook what Also, tell her don't need to deco the dish if you don't eat My CL cut a lots fruits, tomatoes, carrot to deco dish

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Aw.. a lot. You have to double the cost if unlucky because she is going to eat a portion too. Especially her custom made red dates water and some tonics good for women health.. Ask someone to accompany you or visit you frequently if don't want this to happen.