Miscarriage and pregnant again

Hi everyone, anyone encounter miscarriage for the first time and got pregnant again after resting for 2 months? Anyone got successfully give birth? I am having slight phobia thinking what if the second one end up the same? Need an advice or guidance

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Had a miscarriage on may 2019. It was a traumatic experience for me as I went through a natural miscarriage so I don't hope to get pregnant again anytime soon after that. Surprised that I got pregnant again on June 2020 (2nd tri now) and I put myself on bed rest till the end of 1st tri. I still do bed rest and sleep twice, thrice a day 😅I'm also very careful with what I eat & drink. I quit drinking coffee & smoking when I found out I'm pregnant. Yes, stress free is priority.

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I miscarried and got pregnant again after 3 months. Yes it can be scary, so I try to not get my hopes up too much so I don't end up getting hurt. Stay optimistic but cautious so you don't get caught by surprise. Whatever is meant to happen will happen and it's all part of life. If it's any consolation, 2 miscarriages in a row is quite rare unless you're suffering from some other conditions.

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2y ago

Truly agree with what you said babe. Trying to be less stress now and not giving myself high hope. I'm just worried if it will be the same as the previous as I suspect some of myself and husband chromosome don't match thus miscarriage. Like what you have said, if it's meant to be, will be. ❤️

I gave birth in 2018. Miscarriage in 2019 and then in Feb 2020. Got pregnant again in June 2020 (2nd tri now), I have been very careful abiding all “rules” and making sure I am stress-free. Been bed-resting all the chance I get. Think positive!

2y ago

Take care and welcome a healthy baby~!!

I miscarried and got pregnant immediately the next cycle, didn’t have my period inbetween. All is good now and I’m in third trim. It won’t be the exactly the same (will miscarry again), don’t worry

i have miscarriage and conceived 3 months later. my baby is healthy. however during the pregnancy i tend to be more careful.

miscarriage after 4mths pregnant..went smoothly ...1st few mths extra careful eating ,moving,no stress...

me.. miscarriage and after 2 months pregnant again.. and already gave birth to a healthy baby girl.. ❤

2y ago

Wowww thank you so much for building up my confidence! Previously I was miscarriage due to sudden no heart beat of the fetus at the week of 7. Probably some chorosome don't match. May I ask what is your case of miscarriage previously?