Feeling hungry but I’m also having Gestational Diabetes

Ever since I got to know I have gestational diabetes, I have been strictly on my diet and meal time. But surprisely, I get hungry more quickly than before. I felt so irritated cos I am just so worried to see if my sugar reading falls beyond the acceptable range. Should I just eat what I want cos I am worried if baby is hungry too? Will the gestational diabetes still stay in me even after I gave birth if I didn’t control my diet? I’m so in dilemma now. #pregnancy #advicepls

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Curious, how many weeks are you? I realise i get very full easily nowadays. Sometimes i can only eat 80% of my yong tau foo.. I eat western at times n my sugar sometimes shoot 😅 i also feel worried that it doesnt falls in the acceptable range (ive 3 exceeded readings tis wk!).. tink my doc gonna make noise.. Once we have GD, there is a higher chance of developing diabetes in later part of life. Saw tis somewhr. But the reading definitely differs from our strict range now. I worry more on affectinng my ger. I try to snack blueberries (read that they help).. and i agree.. they actually recommend to eat 3 meals n 3 snacks. But i usually either snack once or i dun at all. 😳

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3y ago

You referring to your pre meals only or generally your meals for the whole day are all in the rage of 5.3? Im going week 34 soon but my reading has been acceptable by my doc anyway. I dont have much carbs in my diet most of the times but i feel pretty energetic still. Guess with that weight lost (not on purpose) during the pregnancy helped me since I dont find it tiring to do most things now. No backaches or anyting as well. :D

baby won't be hungry. baby get all nutrition from your body. Eat 3 You can do below to control your hunger. 1. small 3 meals and 3 snacks a day 2. Eat Plenty of whole fruits and vegetables.