China Health Declaration Form For a China visa

It is essential that immigrants who are coming to China obtain the CHD in order to be eligible to apply for immigration papers. Chinese immigration authorities require the CHD to allow immigrants to identify the country where they will be living and to learn about the Chinese community. The China health Declaration form contains all the basic information on the invitee. It states the name of the invitee, date of birth, document number, gender, passport number and country of issuance. An individual cannot apply directly for a Chinese national Visa without the approval of the Chinese Embassy. Once the approval has been granted, you can either visit the Chinese Embassy yourself or with a representative from your company. If you are applying to the Chinese Consulate for an S certificate the representative will visit you. The process of acquiring a CHD takes two months from the time you submit your application. You can apply online for the certificate through the Chinese visa service if you need it quickly. The most common reason why there is a need for the CHD is because many foreign workers (usually Chinese citizens) do not have a valid passport when they leave China to enter the country. Some of them do not have the necessary documents to apply for the S class visa. This is why the CHD is so important. The Chinese visa application form can be downloaded in English or Chinese. You can send a China Health Declaration Form by mail to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. This form can be purchased at the local Immigration office in your country. If you are purchasing the form online, you should provide the same information regarding your work, family, and financial details. The instructions will be included in the eform you receive upon purchase. Once you have received your China health declaration form, you can easily send it by mail to the Chinese embassy or the Chinese Consulate. The processing of your application will be handled by the authorized officer responsible for immigration in your area. The process will be fast so you don't have to wait too long. You just have to present your original passport as proof of your identity. If you have a previous passport, please provide a copy of your passport to the Chinese visa officer at the Chinese Consulate so that your application will be approved fast. Please remember that you are not obliged to present any proof of your identification, immunization or work permit if you do not have any. Otherwise, your application will be turned down.

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