Is the enema painful and how long does it take effect?

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Enema -- as in to clear the bowels? I've tried it and it wasn't painful, just weird and uncomfortable. The tip of the solution should be inserted in properly. If you encounter resistance in your rectum, do not force it. Squeeze the bottle once and wait maybe 30 seconds and try again to insert the tip. If you still feel resistance, insert the tip as far as you can comfortably insert it and squeeze the remainder of the solution from the bottle. I'm not too sure if the process is similar or similarly painless on a pregnant woman though. ..

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Enema is not painful. But my stomach can feel weird and slightly discomfort. Good to hold for at least 15 mins. It's very good to clear the bowels.

It is just a bit uncomfortable during the insertion, and then I needed the toilet in less than 3 minutes.

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Nah not painful - a little odd, uncomfortable feeling, but little pain. labour pain was much worse ;p

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No pain. Just some discomfort and within 5 mins you will go to the toilet

Just checking will we be given enema for C-section?