Antenatal package

Does anyone purchase the antenatal package and is it worth it?

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Super Mum

I got the antenatal package as a private patient in NUH. Worth it as it covers all antenatal visits from 22 weeks (regardless of the number), 1 postnatal visit, the scans at 22 weeks and 32 weeks. I calculated, and it’s cheaper with the package than without. It doesn’t cover the other tests (eg. OGTT, unscheduled scans, pap smear after delivery) and medicines (including vaccinations), though, so take note of that

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Antenatal package normally provides care for the Mother until delivery. It includes Out-patient consultations with an Obstetrician and normal delivery. It’s cheaper if you don’t have any health issues but will cost more if there are complications. It also depends on packages which varies from hospitals to hospitals

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I too opted for the package till delivery. the costs depend on local versus foreign residents. as an illustration please find the information at