Conducting ART for baby?

Hi, does anyone know whether ART can be administered for baby by parents? If baby is well but one parent has tested positive on ART, can baby still go to school? Thank you!

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If one of the parent is already positive, it is not very ideal that baby still go to school. We informed the ifc that my gal has recovered and they want both parents to also be negative before going back. Which makes sense.. no doubt your baby is negative but i would think, baby could also be carrying virus to school..

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It will be best to inform the school and see what they advise you. For me, I will not send baby to school unless really confirm that baby is negative. ART results may not be accurate if viral load is low. Take care and get well soon!

my baby was 2 days old when the nurse did the ART for him. If one parent is positive, would quarantine away from home because don't want to pass to baby and would not send baby to school until all tested negative.

Advised for baby to be home. To also be considerate to other babies & families. Until everyone in the household has tested negative.

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I think you’ll need to administer the ART and only if it comes out negative can he go to school. I might be wrong tho.