Does anyone know the approximate total cost for having a baby in Singapore? This would include cost for prenatal visits, testing and delivery by C-section.

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Riding on the above comments, the prices differ greatly between the two below: 1) Singaporean / Foreigners 2) Private / Subsidized 3) Natural / Csection 4) Ward type + Hospital For me, I am a Singaporean (married then) and I opted for Subsidized at KK Hospital. Each consultations was about $60 - $80, ultra scans were $70+. There were no prenatal packages but a total of $550 will be offset to your total hospital bill. I opted for B2+ ward, and paid a deposit of about $600+. I had natural delivery plus 2 dosage of epidural and I stayed for 2 nights. At the end of it, after deducting from my ex-husband's medisave, we were refunded back $120+

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may I ask if this is inclusive of your health insurance?

An estimation for a healthy and normal pregnancy: Prenatal visit: $2000-3000 (include tests, consultations, scans) If you have pregnancy complications, the fees will be more as there might be a hospitalization fees involved: For c-section delivery, you can refer to MOH website for the average fees recorded, depending on which hospital you are choosing:

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I think that's quite a hard question to answer. It depends on the following factors: which hospital which class of ward which Doctor what type of tests you want done (oscar or Harmony - can range from $500 - $3,000 for a similar test depending on brand, accuracy etc) I would estimate my cost of prenatal visits at Mt E with all the tests was about $5k Natural hopsital delivery + Dr charges - Between 7-10k So around 15k total.

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For private , I would say for doctor visits , set aside around $3K and delivery, set aside $15k. That will be more than enough for you.oh but if emergency c section, baby need to go icu, etc, bill can go over $20K. If you want something more affordable, go for subsidised rates with KKH.