Does anyone have issues with moulting towels? Even though towels are washed frequently, there are always fluff sticking to lo's body after drying her and it makes slathering lotion on a chore. Any way to stop towels from doing that?

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Have you tried "shaving" your towels with a blunt razor? I use this method to get rid of fluff on towels that seem to stick everywhere. Alternatively, you can get towels with more densely material. This will be less likely to be "molting".

6y ago

Oh okay, will try the shaving method.. It molts on both types of towels? So kinda perplexed..

For me, I noticed that happens when I buy cheap towels. Ever since I have invested a little more in getting good quality towels. I can't stand the fluff it messes up the clothes and it's so hard to remove.