Do your parents spoil your child?

Yes, too much!
No, I police them
On special occasions I let them

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So many Christmas presents...

Not at all

Sometimes its good

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sometimes i let loose. but extremely strict to mine. 🤣

Nope. Not mine. My kid my way

My house, my kids, my rules.

3y ago

One tough momma right here!

Yes parati nila binibigay lahat ng gusto lalo na pag sa toys pag sinabi ng anak ko yan bibilhan agad

I always have to watch my parents kapag nasa bahay nila kami kasi hindi nila mahindian ung kids lalo na pag naghihingi ng chocolates

My in-laws live very far from us so whenever they visit my daughter, I let them give her sweets or any fastfood.

I gave them my house rules in taking care of my child. I emphasized on No Means No. If I say no to my child and then she goes to them to request for that specific thing, they should say no to my daughter also.

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