Do you wish you had...
Do you wish you had...
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More money
More time
More kids
Better health
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actually base my quality i wish a time to love and care to support an everything to us good in a good way.i want a love through heart and followed also in mind.for better reason.specially for very thankful and bless couz nothing have possible happen to our life lives stay.

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There is no perfect marriage because there is no perfect partner, we were raised from different family with different values.we communicate differently.

More time with my mother and siblings being single.. although my married life is wonderful but being single and living with family is pure joy

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Over the years I have definitely come to realise that health truly is wealth. Everything can follow if you feel good and are healthy.

Then I no need to waste time to earn more $ and can spend more time with kids

More money, Justice , all my children, my whole happy family back

healthy is no 1 in our life...

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better health for sure

All of above

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We have the best