Do you wish that your child would grow up already?
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Yes, I can't wait to be free!
No, I want my baby to stay as is

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gusto ko baby pa siya kais alam mo habang lumalaki siya parang gusto mo ibalik pa siya sa tiyan mo ung bang ayw muna siyang lumaki gusto mo baby paring siyang.

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Nahh.. I just wish for them to be able to enjoy their childhood as much as possible before they come into this stress puberty phase period. Haha

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It's really a mixed feeling about it. Once they grow up, there will be a total difference of worries and feelings

They are growing up too fast. I would like their baby times(until 4yo) to slow down so as to spend more time with them.

More likely, my kid won't allow me to kiss him when he's like 7 or 8. So I want him to stay as young as possible.

Mixed feelings. I'd be lying to say that i cant wait to be free either.

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yes n no 🤣 threenager is a challenge. but wish she dun grow so fast

No No No, aku malah pengen bisa main terus sama dia

yes but my baby is stay 💗💗💗💗 to me

They grow up fast means we get old fast.. 😂